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Using the Power of Nutrients & Ancient Wisdom to Improve Your Sleep, Mood & Stress Response

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Improve Mood, Sleep & Stress through the power of...

Personalised Natural Medicine

How to have a dramatic impact on your mood, your sleep and your stress levels, by using targeted nutrition & lifestyle habits to create biochemical balance and real whole body health

with Sheridan Genrich, GCP & CHWC
Naturopath, Nutritionisht & Iridologist

Better Brain Health is your first step to a revolutionised body and soul through the power of natural remedies. My mission is simple - bestow my clients with a renewed lease of vitality and sanity, through nourishing gut-healing nutrition & herbs.

Better Brain Health benefits are aplenty!

Strap yourself in for a dynamic path to sustainable success,

reclaiming your vigour and beauty within.

Lost in a maze of health advice?

Relief from insomnia, uncomfortable food reactions, lack of energy, or excess weight?

Trying to kick the underlying root cause of multiple symptoms to free you from ‘band-aid’ solutions?

Blood tests say you’re “fine” yet you don’t feel well and have lost control of your physical symptoms?

Suffering from low mood and lack of enjoyment from a restricted diet?


with food

Through my dedication, attentive care, and years of research, I can launch you on the path to recovery and empower you with the tools and knowledge to control your health and stamina. I can help you to successfully shift weight, without starvation or an abundance of gruelling exercise. Improve your mental state of mind, focus, sleep quality, and endurance.

My treatment plans are fully customised to your individual needs. Enjoy a lifestyle where you learn to use the power of nutrition and real food to boost your energy, keep you calm and help you sleep.


Why I work with busy professionals and families with ‘sensitive’ children.

Stress is overwhelming and a major health concern for many. Your thoughts, actions and feelings play a leading role on your physical wellbeing. With the right support and information, you can learn how to effectively take care of your body, no matter what external influences occur. Ultimately, your mind and body are aching for a return to a healthy state, they just need a simple and personalized approach to achieve it.

As a busy working mother, I understand how hard it can be to dedicate time and energy to care for yourself, when you have a huge workload and responsibility to take care of others as well.

Through my profession, I have an ability to help strengthen people and bring about positive change to overcome the struggle of impending deadlines and responsibilities. I find the outcomes deeply fulfilling and rewarding.

My specialities are in combating food intolerances, low mood, insomnia and stress or anxiety.